1 on 1 Course

ultimate training Class

If You are not profitable in 6 months you get the course for free

Nothing Feels As Good As Being Financially Free

We have always had the best results from our 1 on 1 calls where Eric is able to truly hand guide you through everything. So far every single student who has taken the 1 on 1 course has been profitable within 3 months. We have absolutely no students left behind and will do everything in our power to make sure you are profitable.

What you get

1 on 1 calls with eric

Ask any snd all questions you may have with scheduled weekly phone calls guiding you through the sports card market.

Screen Share with eric

Screen share with Eric So that he can literally guide your every move. We only get you cards with low risk high reward.

See what eric buys

Don’t feel like scrolling through lists of top prospects? No worries, just simply ask Eric and he will tell you who are the hottest cards on the market.


shoutout to Eric for his guidance in this business. Made my first $160 profit from this card with the help of him and his course. His 1 on 1 phone calls are incredibly helpful, especially when you are new to this and are clueless where to start!
Brock Mesarich
This course has absolutely changed my life. Eric has consistently proven his dedication to his students by being on call 24/7. I have been able to turn my love for sports into a full time job and couldn't be any happier
James Marron