About Us

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a hands on collaborative effort to obtain financial freedom

About us

generate personal income and free up your life

We are an all inclusive coaching program that includes personal coaching, live coaching calls, and connections into the sports card industry. We have now taught over 400 students many of which have been able to quit their full time jobs to pursue a career in buying and selling cards full time.


Eric Michael (one of the owners of M.L.P.) has been in the sport card industry full time for 8 years generating millions of dollars a year from the market. We are the first and only program built to teach people how to consistently and reliably generate a full time type of income form sports cards.

About The founders

Eric Michael and Jon Suarez are former college roommates who met at Rutgers University. When Eric and Jon first met they bonded over their entrepreneurial goals. Within the next few weeks they bought an e-commerce course where they were able to try their hand in e-commerce, $40,000 of mistakes later they realized that if they truly wanted to be successful they had to remove all distractions from their life.


That included, quitting their jobs and moving away from friends and family. They focused on how to build around what they already knew which was flipping sports cards. By combining their skill sets including work ethic and a passion for teaching Major League Profits exploded. Today the Major League Profit model has transformed over 1500 peoples lives


Our Mission

One day an a financial advisor of ours asked “When do you think you’ll consider major league profits a success?” He asked this knowing the rate at which we were growing and the answer to this question was simple

“ We won’t stop until everyone is able to achieve the same financial and mental freedom that sports cards has allowed us to have.” When it’s all said and done, it’s not about how big can we grow this business. It’s how many incredible success stories can come out of Major League Profits, everything else will follow.

Us vs. The competition

Look around the internet there is a reason we are the only Sports card flipping program around. There’s a reason, and it’s not because people haven’t tried. That reason is because we have a proprietary system called the “Sports Card Fly-Wheel System™” that we are able to literally guarantee, in writing, big time returns on.


The old ways of guessing on which player is going to be good and hoping your cards get good grades are gone. Click below to learn more about our system.