"How Buying & Selling Sports Cards Changed My Life"


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What is it?

Major League Profits is for highly motivated people who want to learn how to make consistent profit while flipping sports cards. One time payment, 1-on-1 training, power point slides and constant Q&A’s .

Who is it for?

Major League Profits is for anyone with an interest in sports and the desire to establish themselves as an early investor in the booming sports cards industry!

How does it work?

Attend a 1-on-1 course with Eric Michael weekly and gain access to private information not found anywhere on the internet.

Why does it exist?

We created Major League Profits to provide you with a step by step system to help you navigate through the hobby while making a consistent weekly revenue.

Step 2) Schedule Your 1-on-1 Call With Eric Michael

Now that you’ve absorbed the training above, if you feel you’re ready to STEP UP and move forward fast with the growing sport card industry then book a call and take advantage of this new booming industry by clicking below…